When homeowners from St. Louis to St. Charles need a new garage door, they reach out to the experts at Durbin Garage Doors. For over 30 years, this team of professionals has specialized in garage door installations and repairs for a wide range of door styles, including overhead and carriage doors. Not sure which products are right for your home? Durbin Garage Doors can recommend the perfect doors and openers to suit your home’s style and your family’s needs.

Since you use your garage virtually every day, the door and opener will need to be replaced at some point. Unaddressed wear and tear on your garage door and lift system can compromise your home’s security, as well as your personal safety. How do you know when you need to replace these items? Read on to find out:

An Outdated System

An older garage door and opener may lack important safety features, like safety reversal sensors and a rolling code. The safety reversal system consists of two sensors that each transmit a beam of light across the doorway. When the light is interrupted, the door stops moving, preventing personal injury or property damage.

The rolling code feature promotes garage security. Older remote garage door openers used a fixed code that can be duplicated with a different device. Rolling codes prevent duplication, helping keep would-be thieves out of your garage.

Noisy Operation

If the lift mechanism of your overhead garage door makes loud grinding noises, call a professional for a full evaluation. In some cases, the mechanism can be repaired, but persistent noises typically mean that the system will need to be replaced. Older systems are less likely to have replacement parts readily available, making a replacement a time-saving and cost-effective option.

Repairs Are A Money Pit

Has repairing your garage door and opener become more trouble than it’s worth? If finding replacement parts has become difficult and expensive, updating the entire door and opener system will often save you the time and hassle of searching. Updating an older system also improves your garage’s security and may even reduce your homeowner’s insurance premiums.