Knowing when garage door repairs are needed can sometimes be difficult for homeowners. To avoid unnecessary upgrades, it is always best to call in an expert to fully assess the situation. At Durbin Garage Doors in Wentzville, MO, their technicians can visit your home to determine whether or not the problem you are experiencing can be resolved with a simple repair or if a new garage door installation is necessary.

To gain a good idea of whether you require garage door repair or an upgrade, here are a few tips for inspecting your door:

  • Normal Wear & Tear: While minimal warping, scratching, and denting to your door should be monitored, they are often not a reason to replace or repair your door. If one or more panels on your door suffers from severe damage, you can often get by with repairing just these areas. However, when the problem becomes severe across the garage door, you should probably think about replacing it.
  • Slow Running or Stopped Motor: Usually, if your door starts to lower and raise at a slower pace, you can replace one or more parts of the mechanism to get it working correctly again. This is often the same solution when the door stops responding altogether, too.
  • Unsafe Closing: If your door appears heavier than normal and is closing with more force than usual, it might require adjusting. This is often recommended between the colder and warmer months. You or a technician will have to adjust the tension rods, which run diagonally or horizontally on the inside of the door, and maybe replace the springs and rollers as well.

If you are concerned about the safety of your garage door but not sure if it could last a few more years, contact Durbin Garage Doors for an expert opinion. To schedule a free estimate for your garage door repair or installation, call (636) 443-9385.