A broken garage door can be a hazard for you and a liability for your property. Even if you can diagnose the problem, you should bring in the experts for garage door repairs. Durbin Garage Doors, serving Saint Louis West County and Saint Charles County in Missouri, can fix just about any garage door problem.

The Most Common Problems With Garage Doors

1. Rollers & Track Alignment

If you notice the garage door not retracting correctly, you may have a problem with the track or rollers. It can be hard to tell whether the track is misaligned or bent or if the rollers are broken. Trying to repair the damage could just cause more problems; attempting to fix a bend or dent in the track, for example, could cause misalignment.

2. Cables & Springs

Broken cables or garage door springs can upset the tension that raises and lowers the door. Attempting to fix this delicate balance can be a safety hazard for you and could result in damaged property should the repair not go as planned.

3. Transmitters

Problems with the electrical transmitter that controls the raising and lowering of the door could run the gamut. For example, dead batteries and broken sensors can cause garage doors to malfunction.

4. Weather Seal

Trouble with the weather seal on the door could expose your garage and its contents to the elements, just as problems with any other part of the apparatus could leave your garage uncovered.

5. Damage To The Door

Mending the garage door itself might seem straightforward, but, again, an imperfect job leaves your garage exposed; it can even compromise access to your house if the job is unsuccessful. The door is also part of a larger, delicate mechanism, so any superficial work could affect its operation in unforeseen ways.